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Uproar 2013 View Detail

Uproar Festival 2013

This was my second time shooting the Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival. This time it was in Holmdel, NJ at the beautiful PNC Bank Arts Center. Romantic Rock Designs had me back to shoot their models in Emily Nielsens’s awesome …

Chef John Tabone View Detail

Chef John Tabone

Chef John Tabone is the Executive Chef at Glenmaura National in Moosic, PA. He hired me to create the look of his part time business Instinctive Cooking, in which he teaches personalized cooking classes in his client’s home. I created …

Pittie Chicks View Detail

Powered by Pit

I was hired to come up with something cool and exciting for Pittie Chicks’ first piece of clothing in their new men’s line. They wanted something with a little bit of an edge. I went traditional and a little old …

Appel Farms 2013 View Detail

Appel Farms

A few years ago I noticed one of my favorite bands, The Avett Brothers, was playing an outdoor festival in nearby New Jersey. I contacted the festival to see if I would be allowed to shoot it and the rest …

Hell's Kitchen View Detail

Hell’s Kitchen

There’s a lot to this story. Much of which you can read about in my blog, but it all started in the Spring of 2013. Things fell into place at the right time and I was included in several Chef …

The Curse of Sorrow View Detail

The Curse of Sorrow

This self described “graverock” band are one of those local favorites tearing up the music scene. They have quite the loyal following and in January of 2014 released their third full length. It was also the third time they had …

"Tomorrow is promised to no one."





The idea of 1120 Studios started back in 1996, but it wasn’t until late 2003 that it officially started. It launched as a small company that specialized in Graphic Design for small businesses and over the course of the following two years it developed more and began to find it purpose. The name and it’s message really began to take shape in April of 2005. On my birthday to be exact. I booked my first show with five local bands and a hundred or so kids packed into an American Legion. I had it recorded for a live CD that I released and things kept rolling from there. That show to me is was started it all.

Through 1120 Studios I booked shows, produced CD’s, and even had a small clothing line. I also did graphic design for bands and businesses. Years later it became less of a “company” as I started promoting my name and my own work while still taking on occasional client work.

Today 1120 Studios is a launch pad for my ideas and a place for the projects of my friends to call home. Things might have changed over the years, but it has always been based on loyalty and friendships. It’s also been a reminder that life is short and that “tomorrow is promised to no one.”




I’m an artist and photographer based out of Northeastern, Pa with over 13 years experience in graphic design and 5 years experience in photography.

My design approach has many retro/vintage characteristics, but I often explore other styles. There can be a weathered or old school quality to much of what I create, but I often dabble in clean, slick design exploring shapes and experimenting with color.

For my own work I love sketchy lines and weathered text and I also enjoy the message and hidden meaning. I spend a lot of time in the small details of the piece working with textures and making things not so perfect. I’ve learned to just let things be and keep the nature of the creating very organic, but there are times I’m all about uniformity, bright colors, and symmetrical design. It depends on who wins the fight in my head that day.

Within my photography I like to play with tone and mood and I try to keep things emotional. There’s an underlying story even in my most simple photographs. Sometimes the story is there from the beginning and sometimes it unfolds as I’m editing. Some photos I let stand as they were shot and some I guide the moment further and pursue something more. I enjoy the chaos of art. I love the blur, the grain, and the layers. I love the elements of which lend to the telling of a story.

In a lot of my work there is a sense of darkness and I think those pieces help make my brighter and maybe what some may consider as my happier pieces to stand out that much more. Someone once told me, there’s a “sense of hurt” in my work and that was a great moment of accomplish having made someone feel something. The deepened shadows, the grain, the uncomfortable nature of a pose all add to the meaning. I’m not looking to portray doom and gloom, but maybe a depth allowing the viewer their chance to determine they’re own story from it. Their’s may not be what was intended, but I love hearing what it is they think it means because the art then goes beyond the piece. It lies with in the perception as well.

Broken down, seedy, sinful, and underbelly are things I finds intriguing. At times it is in the darkest corners that the light shines brightest. I’ve found a love and admiration over the years for exploring things that many may find unconventional. There’s a story in those places many tend to overlook or ignore.

I’ve always had a deep appreciation for the counterculture. There’s beauty in things the general public may not fully comprehend. Art is everywhere and in everything…even in what we don’t understand, agree with, or in things some find to be ugly. I try to capture that as I travel and explore. In creating my own work, I try at times to have something within it push the viewer. Sadness, peace, anger, happiness, and even confusion…those are all rewarding words hear.

In dark streets of a big city, the side roads of the middle of nowhere, even in the pit with sweaty bands and their fans, the lens is an eye to the world of where some people forget to look and I think they are missing out. These things are what excites me most.




My focus for client work is on helping to develop the image of bands, models, and small businesses, but I also have experience with larger scale organizations.

I have a very DIY attitude having come from a generation of artists that produced their own fanzines, comic books, and chapbooks with Xerox machines and X-Acto knives. Along with my 13 years of experience in the screen print industry, it’s a background that plays a significant roll in my work ethic by keeping things simple, cost effective, and as hands on as possible.

Even though I’m rooted in that sub-culture and industry I have experience with branding and marketing having worked with many corporate clients. This is experience that I bring to many of my smaller clients to help them down a path best suited for them.




My creative influences range from Tom Waits, Charles Bukowski, and Wes Anderson to Faith No More, Chuck Palahniuk, and Lars von Trier.

I admire photographers such as Diane Arbus, Chase Lisbon, Richard Burroughs, Jan Saudek, Anton Corbijn, Terry Richardson, and Annie Leibovitz.

I have a vast music collection ranging from classical and folk to heavy metal and experimental.

My book collection is just as varied. Poetry and books about Buddhism are my favorite to read.

I enjoy trying new food and travel as much as possible. I love diners, dive bars, Southern culture, anything Irish, and vintage America. I knows Cytoxan kicks in after about eight hours and I once helped save a green pig.



Additional Info

Appel Farms Arts and Music Festival
2011-to present

Grand Slam Wrestling
April 2014-to present

NEPA Scene
October 2014-to present

Wyoming Valley Art League

Ferris Wheel – First Place – Photography
Bloomsburg Fair
Bloomsburg, PA 2011

Ben – Honorable Mention – Photography
Fine Arts Fiesta
Wilkes-Barre, PA 2013

Central Park – Second Place – Photography
Wyoming Valley Art League
Fall Juried Exhibition
Wilkes-Barre, PA 2014

Artist of the Month Jumpstart!/Citizens’ Voice – Wilkes-Barre, PA 2012


Graphic Design








Graphic Design

While I have many of my own projects going on I am sometimes available for hire and willing to help with your next project. I have experience with designing logos, CDs, posters, business cards, t-shirts, and so much more. Whether you are a small business or a large business I can help. Besides design, I can guide you through the printing process pointing you in the direction of what’s most cost effective and suitable for your band, business, or organization. With 13 years in the screen printing industry I can help not only design, but give suggestions on tons of promotional products and help you market your project.



Band, model, business, event, and even family photography are a few things that I’m capable of doing. I’ve photographed little bit of everything. I can be there at your special event, capture the look of your band, help you start or add to a modeling portfolio, or photograph food in a way your customers can taste it just by looking at your menu.



Need help with text for your website, menu, or brochure? Maybe even a bio for your website. It’s all about getting the message across to your clients, fans, or readers in the best and most simple way possible. I can help you get it done. I’m here for not only the look of your project, but also to help guide it’s message. Promotion along with your company’s voice is equally important.



Social Media: Want to blog or tweet and don’t know how? Want to learn how to gain followers and manage several Social Media accounts at once? All of this can be overwhelming to some, but with basic information and a hands on tutorial it can be pretty easy. I maintain several accounts and can show you how to easily set up and manage your own.

eCommerce: Need help setting up your online store for your art, crafts, or small business? There are many inexpensive ways to get your product out there and start making money. You can easily and safely accept credit card payments and have a fully functional store with virtually no set up cost.

Videography: I recently started to dabble in video work. While I am in the early stages and working on my own projects this is something I may start to offer in the near future.

ON SALE $15.00


Special Edition
Screen Printed Poster.
Signed and numbered.




Special Edition
Screen Printed Poster.
Signed and numbered.


ON SALE $15.00


Special Edition
Matted 5×7 print.
Signed and Dated.


ON SALE $15.00


Special Edition
Matted 5×7 print.
Signed and Dated.




Contact Info

  • 1120 Studios
  • P.O. Box 1500 Wilkes-Barre, PA 18703-1500
  • info(at)1120studios.com

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